CIL is a private institute licensed and authorized to provide language and academic programs by the Omani Ministries of Manpower and Higher Education.  The Center’s CEO is Omani and the Center is managed by a multinational staff who provide the highest quality education to international students from around the world.  The Center adheres to American standards in all academic matters, including grading, credit hour allocation, syllabi and program development, and academic staffing.

CIL maintains a School of Record relationship with the University of North Georgia, an institution accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS-COC).  For more information about UNG, please visit their website at  The University issues transcripts on behalf of all students enrolled in CIL programs at a cost of $300 per transcript.

The credit hour at CIL is calculated according to the Carnegie classification and the guidelines provided by the University of North Georgia and SACS-COC.  One credit hour is equal to 15 contact hours per term of study (and two hours of homework/reading/assignments) per contact hour.

The grading scheme used by CIL for all academic courses is as follows:

A    94-100

A-    90-93

B+    87-89

B    83-86

B-    80-82

C+    77-79

C    73-76

C-    70-72

D+    67-69

D    63-66

D-    60-62

F    59 and below