CIL's highly flexible Private Tutoring (PT) program teaches reading, writing, speaking and listening Arabic at the beginners/intermediate/advanced level. 

Students are free to choose what days they want to start and finish, what times, durations per class, content (if they want to focus on particular topics and/or have special emphasis on reading/writing/listening/speaking). If a student wants to learn how to speak in a specific dialect (Omani/Levantine/Standard), we can make arrangements for that too.

Classes are conducted on a one-on-one basis. If lessons are conducted off-campus, a transportation fee for the teacher will be included. Day sessions can be held between 8:30 am-2 pm and afternoon sessions between 2-4 pm. Kindly register at least five working days before your desired start date.


Covers only speaking and can have up to two students per teacher. Rest of the program is the same as the PT option. 

NOTE: We strongly recommend complete beginners to take a minimum of three hours per week, and at least a total of 18 hours within their desired duration to grasp the basics of Arabic.


Individuals who register for the PT program can take advantage of CIL’s promotion if they get another individual to register for the same program. Each applicant gets 10% off on their net bill. Those who register for the PF program can get two extra lessons for free if they sign up for a minimum of 30 hours. 

All returning students enjoy a 10% discount!

For more information, please email