Money Matters

The Omani Rial/OMR is pegged to the USD. Please look up the latest exchange rates before you change your money.

The most convenient means of withdrawing money is via an ATM machine. They are widely available and provide a better exchange rate than the retail rates in currency exchange shops. Check with your bank to see if they charge additional fees for withdrawals from overseas ATMs.

NOTE: Please inform your bank that you will be traveling to Oman so that their fraud control department doesn’t get nervous and cancel your card when they see transactions from outside your home country!



Students who become injured or ill while in Oman typically go to a branch of the high quality Badr Al Sama health clinic. Aside from the clinic Oman has several very modern hospitals. Our students have received very satisfactory care for things ranging from intestinal problems to root canals to eye care. While it is wise to have an international health insurance policy to cover you while here, health care costs (especially compared to the U.S.) usually are exceptionally reasonable.

Most medicines are readily available (or at least their generic counterpart) although, new medications might be more difficult to find. Hence, if you need special prescription medicine, we would recommend that you please bring it with you to Oman. 

If you are sick, injured or wish to see a doctor at any point, then please let us know and we will coordinate an appointment with the appropriate medical facility.



The electric current in Oman is 220-240v and outlets use rectangular blade plug. Universal adapters are widely available and can be purchased at an affordable price. 

Local phone charges are reasonable though international calls can be expensive. Some VOIP services like Skype are not available. Email remains the simplest way to stay in touch with folks back home. 

It is recommended to not drink tap water. Besides, bottled water is very cheaply available everywhere!